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English > SGA > McShep > "Anniversary"

Title: Anniversary
Spoilers: Only “The Brotherhood”
Warnings: Future-fic, implied mpreg, Slash
Characters/Pairings: McKay, Sheppard, Beckett, Zelenka, Weir, OCs; McShep, mentions of BeckWeir and hints of BeckLenka
Short Cut: It’s their 20th wedding day, 22 years after the start of the Atlantis Mission. They’re back on earth for some years, have three children and just want to celebrate the fact that they’re still alive. Although the kids keep them busy. ;)
A/N: Oh my… this bunny just wouldn’t let go of me. John was promoted General somewhat after the return to earth and Rodney became a professor at some university. No Beta!
Challenge/whatever: A bunny I found here at wraithbunnies.

“THAT’S WRONG!” screamed the seven year old girl, almost bursting in tears.
“I’m sure we can talk about the matter when your father arrives!”
“It’s TRUE!” screamed the girl again.
A knock on the door startled them both. It opened and a man with unruly black hair entered the room. “Well, here I am. Did she…” He cleared his throat. “She didn’t take the shit out of one of her classmates again…” He paused for a moment. “Did she?”
“No. She… protested against the statement, that a woman is still required to produce children. She… told her teacher and the whole class, that she only had two fathers. She told me that… *hemhem* you were the one carrying her!”
John laughed bitterly and rustled through his hair. “Did she? Oh, Sam!”
The girl looked up at her dad, her lower lip trembling. “But Dad!”
“Ok. I’ll promise to talk with her about it! Don’t worry! Well, goodbye then!”
John took his daughter’s hand in his, led her out of the headmisstress’ office and walked her to the parking lot and his car.
“But Dad! I’ve seen the pictures and you told me…”
“Sam! SAM! Calm down, calm down! Baby… it’s true! Everything I told you is true, but the teachers don’t know it, ok? The next time, just keep your little mouth shut, alright?”
“So, you… you didn’t lie? You and Pa are my fathers?”
“Of course!” exclaimed John. “Why should I lie to you? Baby, I love you! We love you!”
Sam smiled reassured. “Ok Dad! I love you, too!”
“Then let’s go home. Big day today, remember? Fasten your seatbelt, here we go!”


“I can assure you…”
“Young Miss, you can be happy that I only gave you an E on your presentation. And you, young Mister, don’t have to try to defend your sister! I’ve made my decision.”
Giles stood up. “With all due respect, Ma’am, how dare you accuse us of lying?”
“You clearly made all these things up! No one can know all these details.”
Lex growled. “I never made things up about this! I tell you that everything I said about...”
The teacher was almost exploding. “Will you SHUT UP NOW?”
Lex stared at her, jaws and fists clenched, uttering a calm and silent “Well…”.
“I will phone your father, you will stay here!”
Lex didn’t move at all. She was really stubborn if she wanted to.
“Hey, Sis! Don’t let her irritate you like that. Lex? Alexandra?”
The teenager didn’t budge.
This was her special talent – among many others. She could follow orders – especially “stay here” or “don’t move” – so completely that one would have thought it silly if Lex didn’t have the talent to let it seem so damn serious.
The best/worst she had ever managed had been six hours in silence and not moving. She had been nine and it had been on her little sister’s birthday.
She had thought that she was old enough to witness the birth, or at least wait in the next room for her little sibling to arrive.
But they didn’t allow her. Her Pa grabbed her, sat her on the bed and told her to stay there.
It had been four hours until little Sam had been born and another two hours until Carson came and fetched Lex. She had fallen asleep in her godfather’s arms back then and had forgotten the grudge against her parents for going to Earth and making her and her brother come along.
Actually she was happy she could stay with her godfather for full two weeks while her parents managed everything. And finally, their reunion at Thanksgiving had been great. She had met her Grandparents Meredith and Ronald Sheppard and her aunt Jeannie McKay. And the sight of her little sister, Samantha Vivian Sheppard-McKay, had made up for all the anger.

Rodney turned towards Lex and took her in her arms.


“Had a nice day?”
“I had to fetch your daughter from the principal’s office!”
Rodney sighed. “It’s not like I just can take a day off, Brigadier General John Sheppard-McKay!” he mocked and threw his jacket on a kitchen chair.
“That’s not the point! This isn’t about the fact that I had to fetch Sam. It’s about Sam!”
Rodney sat down at the kitchen counter. “Well… she didn’t take the shit out of one of her classmates again, did she?”
John shook her head. “No. It was about the ‘two fathers’-thing!”
“Do some of those brats still have issues about us?”
“No. Sam protested because her teacher said that only women can conceive children.”
“Oh. And she protested?”
John groaned. His husband was so much of a genius some times, it almost hurt. “Yes. And how was your day, honey?”
“Well… I had to fetch Lex and Gil from Highschool because they had trouble with their history teacher.”
“Don’t tell me that they…”
“I got an E on my presentation because the teacher said it was too accurate and Gil got one because he defended me. The teacher said that we were making things up!”
John dropped the knife. “Hell! I’m gonna talk to that teacher! I gave you all those old reports from the incident and you got an E because she thinks you made things up?”
Rodney sighed and rolled his eyes. “Get off it, John!”
“Oh yeah, that says the right one! You may look calm on the outside but I know you want to go and tell that woman where she can put that E’s of hers!”
Rodney looked extremely smug. “As a matter of fact, I did! Well, in more and bigger words, but I did it and next week Lex and Gil will show her those reports!”
“Perhaps THAT’S a bit over the top, you know?” sighed John and resumed chopping the cucumber for the salad.
“Well… it’s only our honour I try to defend, right? And the honour of our children, which means, our whole family, mind you!”
“Why don’t you stop thinking about that right now and get me the tomatoes and the meat from the fridge? You can keep thinking if you want to. Just get me the tomatoes, ok?”
“I mean, we did help those people to find their ZedPM and we had almost nothing to start with! Who cares if they didn’t let us keep it? We were brilliant!”
“And because you slipped that we weren’t actually from Atlantis they kept it.”
“That’s not the point! We WERE brilliant and I’m not talking about me alone!”
John grinned. “Thanks, your highness, for not taking all the credit!”
“You did a marvellous job! What should I do with the meat? I mean, this idea with the magical square thing, brilliant. And it saved yours and Ford’s and Teyla’s and my life!”
“Rodney, love, perhaps you can go and put up the grill. After all you are Mr Fantastic, and perhaps you can manage it before everyone arrives!”
Rodney nodded.
“Hey! Scotty’s here!” called Giles from the living room.
Rodney turned on his heels. “How many times do I have to tell you that he’s NOT Scotty! He’s more alike Bones!”
“But the whole skirt thingy!” called Giles.
“Giles! How many times do I have to tell you that it’s a kilt?” called John.
“Don’t you realize he’s picking on you?” asked Lex, lazily leaning against the wall.
“And why, young Lady, are you still standing there? Go and bother your godforsaken godfather!” grinned Rodney and went out on the terrace.
“Wasn’t he the one who suggested Carson as my godfather?”
John grinned and nodded. “Would you get me some onions? And then go and bother Carson!”
The teen groaned, but flung the bag of onions at John and strolled towards the living room.

“And how are things going? Everything alright, little one?” grinned Carson and tickled Sam, who was sitting on his lap.
“Yes, yes, yes!” laughed Sam and tried to wriggle herself out of the Scot’s grip.
“Hey, let go off him!” called Alexandra.
Carson looked up. “Hello lassie! You’ve grown. Quite a beauty you are. Come here!”
Sam had climbed off Carson’s lap and the place was immediately occupied by Lex.
“Hello Uncle Carson!” grinned Lex and hugged him fiercely. “How are you doing?”
“I’m fine, and yourself?” he answered and patted her back.
“Oh, ‘m fine, too. But I have this question about biology class…” begun Lex and soon they were involved in a heated discussion which was interrupted by the door bell.
Sam hopped to the door and opened.
“Aunt Lizbeth!” she called and grinned at the woman.
“Hey, Sammie! How are you?”
The girl giggled. “I’m fine! But today I had to go to the principal’s office. Because they didn’t believe what I told them about Daddy and Pa!”
Elizabeth ruffled Sam’s hair and then hugged her godson.
“Hey, Gil! You’ve grown by some inches, I think…”
The boy waved his hand casually. “Oh, dunno…”
Meanwhile Lex and Carson had stood up.
“Hello Lizzy,” the teenage girl greeted Elizabeth.
Elizabeth shook her head good-naturedly and muttered smilingly, “Brat!”.
Rodney and John entered the room just in time for the awkward moment that occurred when Carson and Elizabeth stood there and didn’t know what to do.
They eyed each other for a moment before they hugged briefly.
“You look good. I hope you’re alright?”
Carson nodded. “Aye, thanks. You look very nice tonight.”
“Thank you!” answered Elizabeth.
John leaned over to Rodney. “It’s a pity their relationship didn’t work out.”
Rodney shrugged. “You know, I have no social skills…”
John laughed silently.
“Ah, by the way, I brought something for you, Lex. I thought you might be old enough for it, now!”
Lex eyes the music disc Carson handed her curiously. “Nirvana? What’s that?”
Carson looked mock-shocked. “You don’t know Nirvana? About time then! ‘twas music I liked to listen to when I was your age.”
John frowned. “What kind of music are you introducing my daughter to?”
But Rodney was more shocked by Carson’s other confession. “YOU listened to Nirvana?”
“They are times you fancy some good Grunge!”
John laughed out loud. “Sorry, but I simply can’t picture you with long uncombed hair and baggy, crumpled band shirts!”
Carson winked. “Who knows?”

Radek was the last one to arrive. He was leaning on a cane and smiled.
“Hello, my friends!”
They all came and hugged him one after another.
“You know that you don’t need that cane. You’ve got the best prosthesis I’ve ever seen,” said Carson with an unusual fondness in his voice.
Radek grinned. “Of course. I made it myself. But the cane is good show off.”
Carson laughed at that statement and Radek grinned. On times like these they all were sure that his accent was also only a kind of a good show off.
John and Rodney watched the spectacle in their living room.
“Okay, I guess the grill’s ready; let’s get out to the garden!”

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