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scap3goat's notebook

where the madness comes alive...

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Here is my own rating system. Since the MPAA doesn’t like their system being used by us (I can understand that there could arise problems because using their system might give the impression that it has been rated by them and that they are responsible for mis-ratings), I came up with something, loosely based on the mood ring colours. Nobody can forbid me from using colours, can they?

Anyway, here are one or two notes on my behalf about my rating:
1) It is subject to my own subjective emotions and thoughts about the content of my art and/or stories.
2) Basis of my rating indeed is the top and bottom of the rating. I’m fairly sure that everyone will agree on lots of sex and violence being the top rating.
However, I do not see the need to rate basic (kissing, hugging, etc) romantic affection. This includes romantic homosexual affection. I put up a “warning” for that anyway.

Suitable for everyone out there; no swearing, no violence and a stork brings the babies
Contains themes that kids under the age of 6 could find disturbing; light swearing possibly (e.g. “damn”)
Contains themes that kids under the age of 12 could find disturbing; medium swearing and/or “bad words” (e.g. “shag”), mentions of the possibility of sex (means: a lot of 12-16 year-olds probably know more about sex than most would like to admit. But no descriptions at all.)
Contains themes that kids under the age of 16 could find disturbing; swearing (e.g. “fuck”), light sex and blood
Probably not suitable for anyone under 16; contains no more graphic descriptions than your basic brown, yet is much more disturbing because of e.g. mental problems, ethical and moral concepts being questioned and overthrown, respectively.
Not suitable for anyone under 18; contains harsh language, violence, guts ripped out of people, graphic sex, disturbing and frightening themes.

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